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Fantasy & Imagination (1993-2009)

My early work embraced a profound and long-running fascination with Fantasy creatures, cultures, stories and worlds of my own invention, and accelerated when I discovered a love for Anthropology studies. These works wove narrative, video, sculpture and installations together as they sought immerse the viewer within the experience. The sculptures were made until 1996, but stories and drawings continued until 2009. The Olic prints (2007) were a joyful collaboration with Master Printer Lee Turner and Hole Editions press in Newcastle, England, and "The Olic" (2010), is a fictional ethnography of the Olic people and is available as a E-book, or printed book on Lulu press.


Sculptures (1993-1995)


Olic Prints (2007)

Three Lithographs printed by Lee Turner (Hole Editions)


Olic Drawings (2007-2009)




"The Olic 2010" Lulu Press