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While seems as if my artwork has changed repeatedly over, the themes are all related and orbit questions of who we are, the limitations and desire to overcome them that drives us, both as individuals and collectively. My work first began with Fantasy and Imagination, then shifted into Technology as the Internet and computers began rewriting how we lived our lives. Informed by a love of Science Fiction, the theme of Technology gradually morphed into the theme of Existential and Minimal, which I pursued during Graduate school and had access to endless resources and came to an abrupt end in 2005 after finding I had exhausted all creative curiosity and returned to Ceramics and Drawing with The Figure and Bust series which brought me back to the materials I loved the most. Some bodies of work are really specific projects or ideas that cross multiple themes, so The Traveling Pottery Boxes began as Fantasy and Imagination, but continued on through my Critiquing Technology and Existential and Minimal works, and Tectonic began as part of the Critiquing Technology theme but continued on as a mirror opposite of sorts to the Figure and Bust theme.

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